.deux. {NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 30}

.i am, therefore, i think.

.bury the illusion.
text in sub verse and
complete is oxidation
covertly offered diatribes
deep-space precipices
overlooking once angels lyrical
on spent time gained
illusion in professed confession
manufacture deeds masked in divinity
intoxicating dervish spins
until here and now diminish
songs of nowhere from
geometries sacred to lineage intact spiritually
to light of life given
deny not
do not deny given life
of light to spiritually intact
lineage to sacred geometries
from nowhere of songs
diminish now and here until
spins dervish intoxicating divinity
in masked deeds manufacture confession
professed in illusion
gained time spent
on lyrical angels once overlooking
space-deep diatribes
offered covertly
oxidation is complete
and verse sub in text

It’s the 30th and final day of NaPoWrimo. How do you all feel? I don’t know about you guys but I’m staying away from all things literary for a week or…

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